Retail partners want you to make sure they have enough stock in the right store at the right time.


Juggling production costs, logistics and stock holding across a multitude of retailers costs you time and money, and is a messy initiative. Profit Rocket Pro balances sales data with your business goals to push near real time alerts to your merchandising team on the ground, optimising ranging, distribution cost and stock availability.

How we do it

Profit Rocket Pro helps you get this right, every time.

  1. Profit Rocket gets daily sales and inventory data from your customers
  2. We process this data with your business strategy and market insights to generate actionable, intelligent alerts.
  3. Alerts are pushed to the right people via web and mobile app so they can update in real time.
  4. Reports give you a rich understanding of your position, with alerts assigned to you for exceptions.

Take a deeper dive

Keeping your team on the ground focussed on the important actions is key.
Profit Rocket also helps you strategize in the longer term.

Understand performance

Profit Rocket Pro alerts you to potential and actual value of lost sales, and identifies performance by geographies and market segmentation. You spend time focussing on high value problems and opportunities first.

Identifying gaps in your product mix

Item x selling well? Your client might not be selling the right complementary mix – Profit Rocket can identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities by location, product and shopper profile, realising more sales for you and your retail partners.

Optimise your stock holding

Profit Rocket identifies stock trends so you always have the right amount of any particular stick in the right location

A product not selling? Fix it!

Profit Rocket points to items that aren’t shifting and alerts your team to take action there and then.

Pay Off

By providing real time alerts to the right link in your distribution chain, Profit Rocket ensures that your limited resources are put to use in the most efficient and profitable way.

Work with smaller or fragmented retailers?

Not all retailers can provide sales data to their suppliers – Profit Rocket Discover gives you greater insight into these partners