As a retailer, you rely on your suppliers to make decisions that affect you.


Profit Rocket Retail let’s your suppliers know when things are going wrong by providing them with actionable alerts that have the biggest impact on your store operations – making sure you always have the right amount of stock to hand when you need it.

Profit Rocket Retail analyses your sales and inventory data for each of your suppliers, giving them high level insight into their performance - and helping them perform better. Plus they can unlock additional intelligence in your retail environment to see how they compare in their market space in turnover and profitability.

How we do it
  1. Profit Rocket gets daily sales, inventory & debtors data for each supplier.
  2. We process this data to generate actionable, intelligent alerts for each supplier.
  3. Alerts are pushed to the right people via web and mobile app so they can update in real time.
  4. Reports give you & your suppliers a rich understanding of your position, with alerts assigned to you for exceptions.

Take a deeper dive

Benchmark suppliers against each other, and understand whcih suppliers are not performing.

Help suppliers thrive

Suppliers can unlock additional intelligence which can help them perform better, and pays for your program.

Pay Off

Profit Rocket Retail is cost neutral.

After an initial investment, Profit Rocket retail pays for itself as suppliers sign up to receive additional insights.

Profit Rocket increases your sales by understanding what your customers want!