Profit Rocket combines your business strategy and market insights with sales and inventory data to help you focus on the areas of greatest opportunity. By sending you actionable alerts, Profit Rocket helps you realise higher revenue opportunities by anticipating where problems may arise before they happen.

Profit rocket works for suppliers and retailers in delivering the optimum value out of your stock holding, promotional budget, cross- and up-sell opportunities and performance of your reps - both in the back office and on the street.

No additional overhead
Profit Rocket doesn’t require additional staff on the ground; your team will become more efficient. Profit Rocket finds it, you fix it!

Always on the go
The PRPro App pushes data to your team when they are near a location or when an alert is escalated. Focus on the issues that have the most effect on your profitability first!

For Distributors who want to optimise stock levels in their customers' stores

For wholesalers who want to optimise product mix in each customer's store

For retailers who want to ensure their suppliers provide correct stock timeously