Born in South Africa,
Connecting The World.

Ivan Jenkins Co-founder

Ivan has over 20 years experience connecting businesses. In 2016 he saw an opportunity to extend those connections beyond the traditional B2B space and Profit Rocket was born. Not just a business minded techie geek, Ivan loves flying and seeing how people do things in other parts of the world.

Carlos Faria Data Scientist

I have always found the concept of optimisation fascinating:
“What is the least amount of effort required to achieve a given intent?”

Aynsley Hunt Sales Director

Seasoned sales executive with 12+ years Retail Systems Integration experience, specialising in: EDI, B2B integration, Order Processing Automation, eProcurement, BI Automation, Intelligent Alerts - Profit Rocket
Think it is possible, let us show you how possible gets done.

Peter Gush Account Manager

Peter has spent the last 15 years helping business do things better, with the last few years creating business marketplaces in the cloud. Nowadays Pete can be found helping Profit Rocket customers grow their market share, whilst on the side he enjoys spending time changing the world over a good bottle of wine.